China has gained expertise in its traditional medicine and allow students to pursue MBBS in China at a very low tuition fee and has opened its application for MBBS in China 2018.


China, world’s largest populated country, gives a tremendous significance to medicine by putting technology in medical science. Being, strongest economy worldwide, China has medical universities among which some of them represent best Medical University abroad. Medical universities in China offers the graduate degree as bachelor of surgery and bachelor of medicine. Five years of studying MBBS syllabus in China made students expertise and a successful certified physician.


China has MCI approved medical colleges which are also accredited by various international medical councils, known for their best education. Chinese medical association is one of the oldest nongovernmental medical association in China established by medical professionals aiming to maintain medical ethics and uphold social integrity. The association later results in the nation’s largest contribution to the medical education in China, medical exchanges, and training. Choosing china for an advanced medical career is a wise option for those who aim at pursuing MBBS from abroad due to the high growth rate in the medical academy in China. MBBS in China is known for its traditional medical transformation by the use of modern techniques. Developing and innovating medicine in a complicated structure is a big challenge and China has set all countries behind in developing new life science innovations.


  • AI medical assistance introduced by China which can monitor the diagnosis.
  • A rise in medical robotics increases a feather in the hat of Chinese medical innovation.
  • The powerful base for R&D and its infrastructure.
  • Development of Intellectual property rights protection.
  • Maintain the integration of global trade, drug regulation, and IP.


It has been recorded from last 4 years that MBBS in China is not able to get good FMGE results for the students studying MBBS in China. In past 3 years, MBBS graduates in China had been able to deliver 5- 6% FMGE result only, which is constantly low as compared to other countries. It has now become the most concerned issue from the point of Indian students who spent big amount to study MBBS in China and won’t get practice in India after completing MBBS course in China. The number of students moving China to pursue MBBS course is increasing year by year.

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