MBBS admission in Georgia 2018 is open for Indian students who seek to pursue MBBS in Georgia from reputed MBBS universities in Georgia at low tuition fees. Indian students found MBBS in Georgia a good option as compared to India.


Georgia, a country surrounded by Caucasus mountain range and black sea. The territories of Georgia that give major goals for medicine in Georgia that comprises of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia, and turkey.


Indian MBBS program by its very nature is not an easy program to tackle and to get the admission by cracking the entrance test. MBBS in Georgia has made this easier to study, easier to afford, easier to get admission in one of the top medical universities in Georgia. though Georgia is a small country with beautiful site locations offers specialized courses in medical education which have become famous worldwide. Medicine has gained so much popularity, i.e. MBBS in Georgia and almost all medical’universities in Georgia are recognized by international medical bodies like MCI, WHO, FAIMER, WFME etc. MBBS in Georgia gives more benefits to international students as there is no IELTS or TOEFL for the MBBS admission in Georgia. Georgian medical programmes give a complete and deeper module to study MBBS in the best way.


The map showing provinces of Georgia surrounded by its neighboring countries, Georgia has a major support of “Russia” which is a superpower and is all secure place for students to live in. Batumi and Tbilisi both cities of Georgia are having renowned medical universities structured with low cost Georgian medical colleges accompanied with outstanding countries having good medicinal career and scope. Study MBBS in Georgia is way more cheap and better than any other European country. MBBS in Georgia offers a great environment and educational opportunities to Indian students which hardly any other university can. Most of the universities are run by the Government of Georgia and are among world’s top 100 medical universities in the world by QA ranking. Georgia shared a reputed bond with India in terms of medicine and therefore Indian students in Georgia are safe and treat equally.


  • Affiliation and recognition of MBBS in Georgia– medical degree of students pursuing MBBS in Georgia are acceptable worldwide and are recognized by many international medical bodies such as MCI, WHO, UNESCO, EUROPEAN COUNCIL etc.
  • No donation for MBBS in Georgia– irrespective of other countries like India, USA, Canada where students have to give a donation to get admission to study MBBS if not cleared the entrance examination. Georgian medical universities in this aspect don’t consider any donation to get admission in study MBBS in Georgia.
  • No entrance examination required for MBBS in Georgia– there is nothing like giving an entrance examination to pursue MBBS program in Georgia. The Georgian government has made the course structure easy and reachable to everyone.

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